Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A quick post before my NYC trip

As I was rereading my post from last week, I thought to myself how I could have very easily written a completely different response at this moment. I found that assessment to be quite difficult because I really don't have a firm stance on journalistic sensitivity in general. While I certainly respect the right to privacy, at the same time, I think one could make a very strong case for the publication of any of those photos. Yes, even the post-suicide Dwyer shot. Sure, some of them are extremely unsettling, but so are the stories that accompany them.

I think I need to do some soul searching throughout the next few months and come up with my own personal code. If I am to argue in favor of some images and not of others, I need to be consistent in my standards. Otherwise, I'll end up making snap judgments like I did last week and end up second guessing myself later on.

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