Sunday, May 3, 2009


All things considered, this blog ended up being a fairly substantial piece of work. While it's true that most of my posts were only tangentially related to editing, I was able to come up with ideas every week. This doesn't sound like much of an accomplishment, but I recall wondering how I would come up with regular updates at the start of the semester.

Though I may or may not have dismissed this assignment as busy work early on (my apologies), it has been beneficial because it has forced me to post something on a regular basis. You may notice that most of my posts were uploaded just before - or slightly after - our 5 p.m. deadline, but at least I found something to say.* With so many writers out there who are hungry for work, a silent journalist will quickly find himself without a job. I won't let this happen to me.

Maybe you'll even see additional postings at some point during the summer.

*I realize the irony in discussing substantial posts with within a post that's entirely fluff.

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  1. Nothing like a deadline. And now that you are a substantial blogger, how about a picture of yourself rahter than Jerry Lewis? That is Jerry Lewis?